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Code Comprehension/Visualization Tools


Auburn University

The GRASP (Graphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures, and Process) Research Project at Auburn University has produced a series of full-featured integrated development environments (IDEs) for dozens of hardware platforms. The primary purpose of these IDEs has been to generate visualizations for the purpose of improving the comprehensibility of the software.  jGRASP, is implemented in Java, and thus runs on all platforms with a Java Virtual Machine (e.g., Windows 95/98/NT/XP, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X). As with the previous versions, jGRASP supports development in Java, C, C++, Ada, and VHDL, and it can be configured to work with almost any compiler.

(from GRASP website)

Path Coverage Tools

Logiscope McCabe QA & Test


McCabe & Associates

TestChecker measures structural test coverage and shows uncovered source code paths. TestChecker is based on a source code instrumentation technique that is adaptable to your test environment constraints.  TestChecker significantly improves code reliability by showing software developers and QA specialists which parts of the code remain untested. For increased test productivity, TestChecker identifies inefficient test cases and regression tests that should be re-executed if a function or file is modified. TestChecker is based on source code instrumentation techniques. During source code instrumentation TestChecker's instrumentation code probes collect coverage data during application-under-test execution.

(from Telelogic website)

McCabe Test provides comprehensive test coverage; penetrating the complexity of software systems to focus, monitor, and document software testing processes. Making use of industry-standard testing methods and advanced analysis techniques, the tool helps accurately assess the thoroughness of your testing while also gauging the time and resources needed to ensure a well-tested application.  Software testing is the final barrier to the release of an application into production. The thoroughness of the testing effort directly affects the quality and stability of the program. McCabe Test focuses, documents, and automates the analysis of testing efforts and provides specific recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your testing.

(from McCabe website)



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