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  • If, in fact, someone were to place dangerous code within one of our critical system - set to activate on a certain date and time - the effect would not be limited to a single city, state, or country.  The effect would be on every device containing the version of the software - world-wide.

  • Police and fire communication systems was only an example.  Other examples include hospital records systems, medicine dispensing systems, traffic systems, airport x-ray systems - you get the idea.  The target devices selected for this type of terrorist operation would depend on the ease with which the terrorist cell was able to obtain access to the software development process.

  • I had a relevant experience with a senior "Human Resources" person at a major U.S. company.  I was informed a copy or fax of my college degree was sufficient to prove degree completion.  I informed the HR person the acceptable means of degree verification should be through the granting university or through http://www.studentclearinghouse.org for registered universities.  If we don't even bother to properly verify degrees how do we know an employee even has one?  Web search result for "fake degree" has response of 134,725.  Top site (#1) states "Employer verification facility".  Looks like the government needs to get involved to shut these places down.


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