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The author is a retired USAF Nuclear Weapons Specialist (gravity, Short Range Attack Missile [SRAM], Minuteman III, and Peacekeeper [MX]), recipient of the AF Meritorious Service Medal for work on the Special Weapons Information Management System and the Combat Ammunition Systems, holds a Master of Computer Science and Engineering degree from Auburn University, and has scanned over twenty-million lines of code using both the McCabe Tools and Logiscope.

The author performed Y2K analysis work in the U.S. as well as in several European countries and was a contractor manager for the USAF Software Reuse Center, developing software certification processes for the C.A.S.E (Computer Aided Software Engineering) environment using Xerox (now Tibco) In-Concert.

The author was a Master Technical Instructor for Nuclear Weapons as well as a Senior Missileman while in the USAF, and taught software Reuse and Domain Engineering courses for the AF Reuse Center.


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